Our History

Established in 2015, Ugo’s is a modern Italian diner where the menu changes to accommodate the freshest local ingredients available. 

The chef’s interpretations of traditional Italian dishes are prepared in a warm neighborhood environment. Chef Hasson only uses the highest quality ingredients, and utilizes local resources to create his menu. 

Ugo’s (Oo-go’s) is named after Chef and Owner Stephen Hasson’s grandfather, Sol Hasson. Sol grew up in Naples, Italy, where he adopted the nickname "Ugo" from his classmates. At the age of 12, Sol's parents put him on a boat to America, hoping he would have a better life. With hard work and perseverance, Sol earned a PhD and became a successful businessman. Chef Hasson has always admired his grandfather's intelligence and efforts, affectionately naming this establishment Ugo's in his honor.